Effective Tire Washing System for All Situations

Effective Tire Washing System for All Situations

Cleaning the truck wheels is important. Trucks leaving the construction sites normally have clogged sands and other kinds of dust on the wheels. These can make the road dirty. This becomes responsibility of the company to clean and wash the trucks and the wheels properly before these leave the place. When it s not conducted properly, some people many deliver many complaints and it is surely something that company does not want to get. That is why tire washing machine can become solution to solve the problem. As its name, the machine is designed so it can clean the wheels cleanly and there will be no problems found on the road anymore.

Effective Technology of Tire Washing

Actually, it is still possible to choose manual way. This can be option when there are only two or three trucks. However, when there are more trucks and other vehicles that should be washed, it will not be effective anymore to use manual way. These surely take time and it is not effective. When it talks about the wheel washing machine, it becomes good solution, but it should also be manufactured well. In this case, there is Mobydick that can provide best machines for washing the wheels. The machines are manufactured and designed properly. It makes them easily to install, and it does not require big space for the machine. Then, it is like modular parts that later can be packed once the job in the site is done. This is surely convenient to use.

Good Washing System

What is more excellent about the tire washing machine from Mobydick is about its washing system or technology. The technology does not only spray the water to clean the wheels or tires. The power of water and sizes of the nozzles are designed properly so it can provide good power that will be enough to wash the wheels cleanly while also use minimal energy to make the machine work. This will save the cost of electricity since it does not need to pump the water hard. Moreover, there is cycle to filter the water. Once the water is used, it is not wasted but there is filtering system and later the filtered water will be stored in the water tank. By doing this system, consumption of water can be reduced.