Sharp lines and a stylish, modern appearance are hallmarks of Scandinavian design. Whether it’s furnishings, kitchenware, purses, or even confectionery, Swedish items typically suit this description. Discovering items that you can only purchase in Sweden isn’t as simple as it once was and, thanks to the Internet and the ease with which worldwide travel has become feasible – but it’s far from an impossibility.

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Here are 12 items that can only be purchased in Sweden.


Every district of Sweden has its own distinctive snappy flavor, which is influenced by locally sourced ingredients. While larger bottles are available at your local Systembolaget, it’s more enjoyable to buy a range of tiny bottles in a range of flavors; ideal for shots over lunch with family.


Polkagris is a Swedish stick candy that was created in the mid-1800s in the town of Gränna. While it comes in a variety of flavors, the most classic are white, red, and peppermint; and while that may seem like your average candy cane, think again — this is a whole other level of sweet.


Licorice is a Swedish obsession. It may be found in candy bars, people’s handbags, or wallets, and it even has its own local supermarket section. While that specific variant may not be to everyone’s taste, there is enough diversity to satisfy even the most rabid licorice fan.

4.Scandinavian-Patterned Textiles

Prints in Scandinavian design are still popular today. These patterns may be seen on a variety of items, including plates and toss cushions. A dishtowel is generally the cheapest option—and it makes a fantastic gift—but shawls and placemats are also excellent options.

5.Sandqvist Bag

This Nordic-inspired brand was founded in Stockholm in 2004 and is renowned for its basic yet elegant leather-accented bags. Leather backpacks, handbags, and bucket bags are also available. Cosmetic covers and pouches are also available if you need something smaller.

6.Dala horse

Dala Horse is a hand-carved and decorated hardwood horse from the Dalarna region. What was originally a kids toy has become not just an emblem of Dalarna, but of Sweden as a whole. The typical Dalahäst is red with a white, green, yellow, and blue harness pattern, and while factory-produced versions are available, spend a little extra and obtain the original, which is only manufactured in Dalarna.

7.Toini Berg Jewellery

Toini Berg is a newcomer to the world of jewelry creation, but her one-of-a-kind and scarce trademark creations are quickly gaining popularity. Toini works in metals and rock, using ideas from her home Gotland to create striking studs, pendants, and bracelets. Absolutely the place to go if you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind item.