What do customers think about German products?

What do customers think about German products?

Every country around the world provides products and services to stay economically viable. The citizens make up the labour force who work consistently towards producing products and services as a way for them to earn. The government collect some of the money the residents of the country earn as tax, while also creating other sources of income. Countries around the world are reputable for various products and services. Furthermore, people often have an opinion about the products and services of a country.

In most cases, the general opinion is not far from the truth. However, it will not be every company in the country that abides by the rule. A country that is reputable for providing quality products will have some companies that produce substandard products. Some companies will deliberately hide under the good reputation of products from the country to produce sub-standard goods. This is why you still have to read reviews about products from the country on Erfahrungenscout.de despite the overall reputation of German products as will be discussed below.  For example, when you read reviews about German electronic stores, you will get to know the experience of customers in German about different German electronic brands, products, and companies. You will then know what brand and model of electronic as well as where to buy them. The major things that come to the mind of customers when they think about German products are discussed subsequently.


Durability is one of the first things that come to mind when a person thinks about German products. This is because in most cases, products bought from Germany are very durable. The implication is that you can use the product for a long time without bothering about the product getting spoilt. This has also endeared many customers both within and outside the country to products made in Germany. They can be sure that when they buy a German product, they will be able to use the product for a very long time with little to no issue. It helps them save money and makes it easier for them to make plans without unexpected expenses of a product they just bought getting spoilt and forcing them to either repair or replace it at the expense of some other expenses they had planned for in their budget.


One of the pictures that made the round in the early 21st century was a bike that was described as made in German colliding with a car that was described to be made in China. As opposed to what should be the norm where the bicycle should stand no chance against the car, it was the car that got damaged instead with the bicycle still in perfect condition. This goes to show how much quality people ascribe to products made in Germany. If it was even a German car vs a Chinese car, it would have still been great but more understandable than a bicycle vs a car.

Even if the description might not be realistic, it easily depicts how people see products from Germany to be of high quality and those from China to be of low quality. This is not because China does not make good quality products, but they also make poor quality products on request. Of course, the poor-quality products are often much cheaper, hence, happily patronized by many people, especially in third world countries where the rate of poverty is high. This is as opposed to Germany where they have effective institutions that ensure that every product produced must meet a high-quality standard.


It is believed that products from Germany are often expensive. This is considering the workforce that is well remunerated as well as the high-quality products that they make. In most cases, the product will be worth the price as you would be able to use it for a long time without problems.